Five PR tips for success every business owner needs to know

Ever wondered what is PR? Why is my PR failing? What do I need to do to get started? Who is my audience?

I have you covered in my free download - Five PR tips every business owner needs to know.

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Welcome to The PR Club.

The PR Club was founded by Sara McCracken FCIPR MBA to empower ambitious entrepreneurs to elevate their profile and amplify their reputation through the leverage of PR.

Sara's goal is to share her 25+ years of PR knowledge with you, whether you are a business owner, entrepreneur or part of a larger organisation through in-person and online training, plus simple to use tools.


The PR Club is here to help you

Are you worried about speaking to the media? Saying the wrong thing? Unclear where to start when it comes to PR?

The PR Club gives you access to online training and downloadable tools, plus in-person and consultancy opportunities,

to overcome your fear of PR and speaking to the media.

It's a no-nonsense approach that enables you to take a strategic approach for the long term, to benefit your business' reputation.

PR is essential for your business

Its about managing your reputation, knowing what you want to say, who you want to say it to and how you will say it.

The PR Club will demystify what PR is, give you confidence to tell your story and help you raise your profile and build your credibility for the benefit of your business.

The PR Club can help you

Free resources

From downloadable tools to free webinars, The PR Club has a range of options to help you succeed in your PR approach

Instant access training

Need to get going in a hurry? Then The PR Club's instant access training is for you.

Live training - online and in person

Live training options include press release and media engagement, crisis communications and public affairs.


Five PR tips for success every business owner needst to know.

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